One thing that no one ever told me about motherhood was how it would be a gift to witness the beauty and gifts of other women. Some of my most treasured friendships were born at the intersection between motherhood and faith and of sharing our gifts with one another.   


That is how I feel about my friend Stacey, who I photographed a couple months ago (she has since had her baby :). I could write an entire blog post about how she inspires me as a woman, friend and mother, but for now, I want to tell you a little about her gifts and business.


(And at the end of this post, I’ll share with you my best advice on what to wear to a maternity/family photoshoot.)


 Stacey has a gift for helping women to feel beautiful inside and out. Her wisdom and eye for fashion have helped me in many of my own photoshoots. 


Deciding what to wear and what your family should wear can be challenging. The best part of hiring Stacey was that it lifted a weight off my shoulders in the planning process. It’s easy to look at others and know how to advise them, but when it came to myself, it was great to have her expertise. You can see two photos here and here where she helped me. 


She can help you pull from your closet with what you already own, shop (and/or text you links to different pieces which is what I have used her for), and pull together various looks in an online inspo board. She has a variety of ways to help you!


A few weeks ago she welcomed her fourth boy (here on earth)! We took these photos at Studio 27 and here are a few of my favorite images from our time together. 

So let’s chat about what to wear to a maternity session. Before I share with you my advice, I  want you to know the most important thing is that you choose clothing that reflects who you are as a person. I want you to feel beautiful and confident and to feel like “yourself.”


While I usually recommend a neutral color pallete, if you have more eclectic tastes and love lots of color, I encourage you to put as much of your personality into your clothing selection as possible.


So with that said, I gravitate toward a neutral and pale color pallete. I think these colors photograph best and they are classic!  They don’t “age” or go out of style.


One of the best ways to get a sense of colors, tones and textures is to look at Pinterest. I have a board dedicated to Maternity Styling which you can find by clicking here and then one dedicated to getting a visual idea of the way tones work together (especially if you’ll be doing family photos as well) which is here.  



One reason I recommend dresses for maternity shoots is because they show off that beautiful “baby bump” in the most flattering way. Keep in mind that the way you think you may  look in a dress won’t necessarily be how it photographs. You may feel like a “tent” initially but when it comes to photography, I work with the “flowyness” of a dress to highlight pregnancy. I also have clasps on hand if we need to pull together the back of a dress to give it more shape.  


Here are a few of my favorite shops (and keep in mind, non maternity dresses also work if they are flowy and have enough space for a growing bump. Stacey’s dress above is from Zara and non-maternity). 

Also – places like Poshmark are great for searching for gently used dresses. I also am slowly building up a client wardrobe where you can borrow a dress (will be photographed soon). If you see a dress you like, but are having a hard time finding it, feel free to send it to me and I can help. I’m pretty good at finding things online.  

Dresses aren’t for everyone though! So other good options are: oversized sweaters, jumpsuits, skirts, and some of my clients like a more budoir style of pregnancy photos (which I love).  If you look at my pinterest page above, you will see examples of these different looks.

A Few Final Tips

Prep. Before your shoot, be sure to try on your wardrobe options to make sure they look & feel the way you want.

Referrals. If you are interested in getting professional hair & makeup, I would be happy to send over a list of my preferred vendors. 

Undergarments. I recommend non lace, seemless bras and underwear that is close to your skin tone. These undergarments are also a great choice and help minimize lines. 

Shoes. Neutral colored shoes/sandals or barefoot are best. If we are outside, high heels may not be ideal.

Accessories. Things like layers, sweaters, hats, etc can be a great way to add variety to your shoot. If you have any ideas for ways to add your own personality to the shoot, I’d love to hear. 

Husbands/Partners. Keep it simple. A nice pair of pants or jeans with a simple shirt almost always looks great. Throw a sweater on for some photos too to mix it up. 


I’m always here to help every step of the way in the planning process. I adore working with women and helping them feel beautiful. Remember the goal is to feel more “put together” but still like “yourself.”

Stay tuned for more future posts and roundups on the subject of What to Wear 🙂  



Studio 27 – What to Wear: Maternity

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