On a late summer evening, I met with Sarah and her three kids. Beautiful evening light and wide-open spaces made for a perfect backdrop to create images that represent motherhood and family.

Mothers are so rarely in photographs. They are the ones taking them in most cases. And to that I say; Mothers, hop in the photos with your babies. They will treasure the memories.

Maybe you don’t enjoy being in photos (we women have a lot of reasons for avoiding pictures) but that does not matter to your kids. They will want to look back at their childhood one day and see pictures of you together.

Here are a few favorites from my time with Sarah and her kids.

a mom with her 3 kids

Thank you, as always for stopping by my blog. A few people asked me where the girl’s clothing was from and it’s from Zara (a great store for finding kids clothes for photoshoots).


Motherhood | Roseville Family Photographer

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